Ah, the Rio Olympics. They’ve already given us so much and they haven’t even started yet. Zika, pollution, crime, politics, Russia…it’s been an endless stream of headlines.

Another big (and much lighter) talking point is the uniforms each country has one-by-one unveiled in the lead up to these Games. With the Opening Ceremony right around the corner, I’m joining the rest of the internet in sharing my thoughts on what’s been revealed so far.


The Losers 

georgia olympic uniform rio

Photo : Georgian Olympic Committee

1. Georgia

Um. So these guys know this uniform is for 2016 right? Unsurprisingly, these archaic uniforms have been scorned by thousands, including women’s rights activists for obvious reasons.



Photo: Wikimedia

2. Australia

I didn’t want to do this but…you’ve gotta admit this is not great. It’s a bit flight attendant meets private school kid. Also, is that a skort?


Iran olympic uniform Rio 2016

Photo: Iranian Olympic Committee

3. Iran

Poor Iran. First they announce the uniform on the left, which instantly goes viral after someone compares it to an eraser. So they quickly did a redesign (right) but that got compared to a pizza.


italy olympics uniform rio 2016

Photo: Italian National Olympic Committee

4. Italy

I know what you’re thinking – what’s with the giant 7? Well, Italy’s uniform was designed by Giorgio Armani as part of his EA7 range. That’s all good and everything, but why is the 7 so big?


The Winners 


Photo: Dsquared2


Yes yes yes! Finally, a stylish, on-trend, 2016-looking uniform. Oh Canada! This uniform is so cool it doesn’t even look like a uniform.


Sweden Olympic Uniform Rio 2016

Photo: H&M

2. Sweden

Hot damn! This uniform is sleek, sexy and striking, and is totally channelling the athleisure vibe that we’re all obsessed with right now.



Photo: Christian Louboutin


Cuba’s uniforms were designed by Shoe God Christian Louboutin, so I don’t really have anything else to say. It’s a modern, military chic and it RULES.


Team-France-Olympic Uniform Rio 2016

Photo: French Olympic Committee


The French uniform is minimal and chic but that’s why it’s a winner. We can always count on them for a bit of style.



South Korea Olympic uniform Rio 2016

Photo: South Korean Olympic Committee

South Korea

So, South Korea’s uniforms are infused with a mosquito repellent that is designed to help protect athletes from Zika. This, combined with those country club hats, has just left me confused.