Established in 2002, Blackchrome is an Australian company that specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of custom sportswear
EST. 2002

Why choose Blackchrome?

From humble beginnings we’ve grown to become Australia’s most reliable and trusted custom sportswear supplier. Here are some great reasons to work with us.

Reliable Delivery

Our lead times are realistic and we stick to them. We’ve developed efficient product and scheduling systems to enable locked in delivery dates.

We Know Sublimation

Our highly experienced staff have expertise in key areas of design, print and production processes, with over 50 years of combined experience.

Pattern Development

In conjunction with our vast range of products we develop new, innovative products, always staying in touch with trends and technology.

Peace of Mind

We encourage pre-production sampling to guarantee 100% satisfaction before you order. This means you can ensure color, style and fit meet your expectations before going ahead.

Competitive Pricing

We strive for competitive pricing and value for money. None of that cheap and nasty.

Customer Service

Our dedicated and passionate team are here to help. Call us today and experience the Blackchrome difference.

Still not convinced?


Here are some stats...
Over 250,000 samples made and delivered on time
More than 100,000 artwork briefs completed
More than 2,500 new products developed
More than 85,000 custom designed products created for teams, clubs and organisations
Over 1,700,000 individual products manufactured


Less than half a percent of our customers reported an issue with their product.

We are Blackchrome and we love sport, it is why we exist.



Blackchrome is a company with heart, we’re a team of individuals who are passionate about what we do. From ethical manufacturing to looking after grass roots clubs, we are a people business.


Blackchrome is a brand built on trust. In an industry that adopts questionable practices and all too often disappoints, Blackchrome can be trusted to always deliver on its promises.


‘Team’ is synonymous with the Blackchrome brand – in the way we work with each other, and in the customers we serve. This sense of team is enjoyed by all staff at Blackchrome as we work with positivity, energy and passion.


Fundamental to the Blackchrome brand is a spirit of imagination and inventiveness. An ability to develop processes and products that innovate and elevate far beyond category norms. Our extensive design capabilities, unique ordering systems and precise supply chain are all demonstrations of our inherent creative flair. 


In a category that too often over-promises and under-delivers, we are famous for our professionalism and dependability. You can trust us to deliver as promised.


Read some of the wonderful things our customers are saying about us

Hi Brett,

you guys rock, the knicks look great and they were delivered to my house on Tuesday !! That is amazing. Thanks so much.


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South Australia 5009

Phone: (08) 8244 5500

Office Hours:
Mon – Fri 9am – 4:00pm (ACST)


We know sport. We’re renowned for our quality custom teamwear, our reliability and our service. We make ordering easy, we deliver on time, and we make sure everyone wearing Blackchrome feels like a pro.

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