“The mission of Australian Football International (AFI) is to empower people and communities through sport.”

The United Nations of Footy is an inaugural event hosted by AFI. It is being used as a time to bring together communities and people from all walks of life. They will march together under the banner of the United Nations of Footy in the Australia Day parade, January 26th in Melbourne.

Blackchrome are the proud supplier of the guernseys made for AFI and this special event. We have partnered with AFI for over 3 years to create guernseys that represent countries from all over the world. The hopes are to continue adding more and more countries to be represented in AFI and United Nations of Footy.

AFI aims to bring together people of different heritage and backgrounds, and to join as one to celebrate diversity and harmony. AFI is also committed to using the sport of Australian Football to break down barriers between people of different cultures. This is an important message to acknowledge and take in to account as there is proof that when a community supports each other, the ripple effect it creates on others is huge.

We need to remember that being such a young country we are all from somewhere.

“We may come from different backgrounds and cultures, but we are all Australian” said CEO Brian Clarke.

If you wish to find out more about this event and AFI. Click here for more info.

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