Whether you’ve realized or not, off season is about to be over and you’re preparing for preseason sooner than you thought. No more putting off the inevitable, because break time is gone. Time to get up, get ready and kick start the preparation for next season.

Take a look at our 7 tips below that’ll have you ready for a championship winning performance.

  1. Stay Hydrated. This is the most important, whether it’s cold or hot, you never realise how dehydrated you are until it’s too late. It’s important to make sure you drink plenty of fluids, both water and isotonic sports drinks, during practice as once that thirst feeling hits, it’s gone too far.
  2. Be physically prepared. The preparation for the season should have started before you hit team trainings, with strength and conditioning done to get your body physically ready for the often brutal trainings that occur during the first couple weeks. The more you can prepare your body for this, the less strain you put on yourself, the easier those trainings become, and you will often find you can last much longer during the grind of the season.
  3. Mental preparation. Sport does not just have physical requirements, but it also requires mental preparation as well. To be the best athlete you need to be focused, tough and determined. These three factors help push an athlete to the next level as they show that you cannot be broken and will achieve your best performance.
  4. Effort. It isn’t hard to put in a little extra effort in the drills you do, or whatever is required of you by your coaches and teammates. Effort shows how much you care for your team, and how far you are willing to go, to get that championship winning performance.
  5. Nutrition. Nutrition is the fuel to your body. You wouldn’t put the wrong gas in your car to keep it running would you? It’s the same thing with our bodies, to have our bodies performing at optimum we need to eat the right food to enable that.
  6. Rest. To give the best amount of energy at training, and to function during the day, it’s important to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. Sleeping provides the best recovery for your body, and allows it to heal overnight, from the rigours of physical and mental training.
  7. Recovery. This is an important step to finish off the training session right, as without the right recovery, the soreness you feel, and the potential injuries you may gain will last longer and could be more severe than they need to be. To recover its important to hydrate, eat the right foods, stretch and roll out your muscles, wear compression gear and rest.

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