The SPR event is run annually by Seacliff Surf Lifesaving Club (SCSLSC) in South Australia and we were excited to be supplying the official race tops for this great event.

SPR stands for swim, paddle and run, the 3 events that make up each individual race. The day included 5 different races; 3 junior age group SPR races, the 5km fun run, and the main event of the open SPR race.

The paddle leg of the event this year had a little switch up for the first time in event history. This year participants had the option to either ski, kayak or stand up paddle board, which made for a fun variation for participants.

Blackchrome and Seacliff have been working tirelessly together, to ensure the race tops were at the best standard for those involved. We hope that our work together can continue to flourish, and we thank Seacliff for their continued support and valuable contribution to Blackchromes development.

SCSLSC President Andrew Chandler had the following to say:

“Happy and pleased with the race top supplied for the SPR event by Blackchrome. The high quality, bright colour, printed design and fit, added to the excellent and professional look. All athletes involved enjoyed wearing the tops, and had one less thing to worry about during the race.”

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