Ethical manufacturing sportswear


Is your club uniform being manufactured ethically? That is the question that all consumers and buyers of sporting apparel need to ask themselves. In the past the garment manufacturing industry has been marred by the poor conditions and low wages that factory workers have been subject to. A recent report by human rights group Oxfam showed that many of the large manufacturers and retailers don’t even know where their products are being made and are seemingly happy to be oblivious to what is going on behind the scenes.


At Blackchrome Sportswear we take pride in our strong relationship with our factory in Sri Lanka. As both a supplier and a manufacturer of a range of sports apparel it is our corporate social responsibility to make sure that a safe and fair work environment is maintained. We are proud to have obtained both the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) accreditation for ethical and safe working standards.


Our defining aspect at Blackchrome is our ability to consistently meet deadlines and provide a reliable service to our customers. These traits are what separate us from other sportswear manufacturers, in what is an extremely competitive industry. Our ability to solve our customers problems and keep our promises is largely due to the positive relationship we have with our factory. We recognise the importance of the factory’s workers, and show our appreciation for their hard work.



Ethical manufacturing of sportswear

Our friendly factory employees

April 2016 marked the 10 year anniversary of our partnership with our Sri Lankan based factory. During this time Blackchrome has had many staff members visit the factory and establish working relationships and friendships with the factory’s workers. In 2013 a team from Blackchrome made the trip over to Sri Lanka to play a friendly cricket match against the staff of the factory. The match enabled the staff of both companies to become familiar with each other and enjoy some well deserved time off. The competition was the ideal way to thank the factory’s workers and make sure they are working in a safe environment.


“90% of consumers are now willing to pay more to ensure that workers are receiving fair wages and are working in safe conditions”

While fair and safe standards is an issue that manufacturers and retailers must take responsibility for, it is also a matter that is dictated by the actions of consumers. In a world that is driven by price and providing the cheapest product, workers in factories all over the world have continually seen their hours lengthened and their pay cut. In extreme cases such as the ABC and Oxfam have highlighted some companies are not aware of where their products are being produced.



JK Garments employee

Blackchrome owes its success to those involved at the factory

On the 21st of April Oxfam via the ABC reported that 90% of consumers are now willing to pay more to ensure that workers are receiving fair wages and are working in safe conditions. A poll that surveyed 1000 people saw that the rights and well-being of workers is now becoming a prominent factor to consumers when making a purchase.



Blackchrome and JK Garments - Team Photo

Blackchrome and factory staff during a recent factory visit

Blackchrome urges all consumers to be aware and to take the necessary steps to make sure you know where and in what conditions your garments are being produced. By using a supplier that is transparent and ethically responsible, we can remove the negative stigma that surrounds the garment making industry and improve the lives of those who help manufacture our clothing.


Visit our website for more information about Blackchrome’s CSR policy or visit Oxfam to find out more about how you can support garment workers around the world.