Compression gear was originally used in the medical industry, and has proven to work wonders for the body. Now, a multitude of additional benefits have been discovered, which can be applied to athletes and fitness fans. Here are five reasons why you should add compression to your arsenal.


1. Enhances performance

Compression increases circulation and blood flow, which in turn increases how quickly oxygen is delivered to your muscles. More oxygen reaching your muscles means more energy.


2. Speeds up recovery

The increase in blood flow also helps when it comes to recovery. By getting blood to your muscles faster, you’re speeding up the ‘waste removal’ process, by flushing out lactic acid before too much builds up. This will reduce the pain you feel later.


3. Less jiggle!

Wearing compression gear will make you feel great! But not only does the tightness look good, it also provides extra support to muscles and joints. This reduces impact and muscle movement and stabilises joints, which can help prevent or alleviate injuries.


4. Temperature control

Compression gear helps your cold muscles warm up faster. And the more you perspire, the more it helps cool you down by drawing moisture away from your skin and regulating your body temperature. You’ll feel dry and comfortable.


5. Comfort

Wearing compression will give you a second skin feeling. The material and pressure on your body is comfortable and will give you an athletic feel. You’ll feel tight yet unrestricted, and ready to get moving.


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