Make sure you get along to Titanium tonight and support Adelaide Lightning in game two of their Grand Final series. Adelaide must bounce back tonight to stretch the series to the third deciding game in Canberra and crowd support will be a huge factor. With over 2,000 tickets already sold the atmosphere will be amazing and with the tough season the team have had on and off the court your support has never been more important.

As the Adelaide Lightning’s official compression apparel provider we thought it would be a great opportunity to chat to one of their star players leading into the game, in particular as we were very curious to learn more about Penina Davidson and her one legged compression.

9 questions for the Adelaide Lightning’s No. 9 – Penina Davidson

  1. Blackchrome: How long have you been wearing compression items and what is your main reasoning for this?
    Penina: “Ever since college, it helped me stay warm during games/practice.”
  2. Blackchrome: The question we’re all keen to know more about.. the one leg compression, tell us more?
    Penina: “…I was going to turn them into short tights. After I cut one leg I just liked the look.”
  3. Blackchrome: What do you think of Blackchrome custom compression?
    Penina: “
    I really like the designs, especially how the one leg had all the lightning logos.”
  4. Blackchrome: We read an article recently where you spoke about mental illness, if you could get one message out there about mental illness what would it be?
    People don’t talk about it enough. Especially mental health & sports. Awareness & just the ability to talk freely about mental health a giant step in navigating this life.
  5. Blackchrome: Do you have a pregame routine? Do you have any superstitions? If so tell us more..
    Penina: I try to not think at all. If I overthink I get worked up so I tend to blast my headphones loud enough to drown out any noise.
  6. Blackchrome: What’s the biggest crowd you’ve played in front of? Do you think you’ll top that on Wednesday night?
    Biggest crowd would be the olympic qualifiers vs Australia. Or my senior night at college with California Berkeley vs Stanford. I believe they were both over a couple thousand. I’m hoping we can top that off!
  7. Blackchrome: Who inspires you?
    My mum. She’s Wonder Woman.
  8. Blackchrome: Who would you say is the hardest worker at the Adelaide Lightning?
    Mikayla Pirini. She works two additional jobs on top of playing for the Lightning.
  9. Blackchrome: What are your goals for 2019 and beyond?
    Olympic qualifiers are this year so I’m hoping the Tall Ferns can pull that off. I’m also wanting to find other outlets aside from basketball that I can find out works for me.

All the best tonight, wishing Penina and the Adelaide Lightning the best of luck tonight, we’ll be there to support you!