In schools and workplaces all around Australia and the world, we can all appreciate that there is no place for bullying or harassment of any form.  What most of us probably aren’t aware of is how prominently it actually is. One man who does understand, is founder and CEO of Make Bullying History, Brett Murray. Motivator, athlete and catalyst for anti-bullying, Blackchrome are proud to be involved with such an accomplished man and Foundation.


After starting the organisation over 14 years ago with his wife Terrisa, they are no late comers when it comes to bullying and the impact it is having on society. Speaking to Brett earlier this week, it was evident that this was an issue close to his heart and has been for a long time. Describing bullying as a “global epidemic”, Brett and the rest of the Foundation are determined to make a real difference and abolish bullying in all forms.


Officially becoming a charity in early 2015, the Make Bullying History Foundation fell perfectly into the anti-bullying category supported by the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission. This presented the opportunity for Brett and the Foundation to take the first steps in gaining national exposure and reaching out to those who were willing to support the Foundation.


After being chronically bullied as a child, Brett went on to become a state representative in Surf Life Saving, Swimming, Rugby League, Surfing and in 1998 was the NSW State Champion in boxing. But in recent years Brett has taking his status as a athlete to the next level for the good of the Foundation by taking part in triathlons around Australia.



Brett Murray sporting his new Blackchrome gear


Brett was introduced to triathlons by a friend who challenged him to compete in the Noosa triathlon, despite not competing this was the first piece of inspiration that pushed Brett in the direction of taking on the challenge of triathlons. After being approached by USM Events who were running the Cairn’s Challenge at the time, USM believed that Brett’s cause and spirit epitomized what triathlons were all about.


During his time training and competing in these events, Brett found there were great similarities in competing in a triathlon and combating bullying.


‘Competing in a triathlon is a long term disciplined event, and Bullying is long term behavior, both take incredible strength and commitment, presenting itself as the perfect parallel for the organisation’ Brett states.


“If we are able to bottle the triathlon attitude and disperse it around the world, bullying would stop in a heartbeat.”


Brett’s involvement in triathlons and desire to start the Foundation’s own clothing range is what led him to form a partnership with us here at Blackchrome. After providing him with a variety of apparel that is tailored to strenuous conditions of triathlons, Brett found that Blackchrome’s gear was an excellent way to spread the message of the Foundation and its sponsors.


“It’s a great way for our sponsors to be advertised, and us to show appreciation for them.”


And it’s a fantastic way of raising revenue for the Foundation, and to introduce people to the Blackchrome brand.’



Drawing on his experiences from his history and involvement in triathlons, Brett has put the wheels in motion to shift the paradigm surrounding bullying.  From seminars to high school students all the way through to professional development workshops with parents, the Foundation aims to offer hope and put the issue of bullying into perspective for both sides of the issue.



With 2016 kicking off Brett has big plans for the foundation, and is dedicated in making Make Bullying History the number one anti-bullying agency. The foundation has recently signed a four year deal as the Signature Community partner of National Rugby League side, the Cronulla Sharks. An aspect of this partnership will include Brett mentoring the club’s players, on ways they can deal with the pressures of the media and how to present themselves as a positive role model in the fight against bullying.


Brett and the Foundation’s goal for 2016 are to reach upwards of 50,000 kids with their various programs. While also beginning to roll out programs that fill the gaping anti-bullying hole in the corporate sector and a bullying prevention program aimed at kindergarten children.


As a busy year awaits, Brett heads to New Zealand to complete filming for the upcoming documentary that features him competing in the Anakiwa triathlon. After partnering up with the Coffee Club, the documentary aims to provide an insight into the work the Foundation does on the ground level.


It is clear that Brett’s journey through adversity combined with his passion and competitiveness has allowed him to reach where he is now. Blackchrome is more than happy to be a part of the Make Bullying History journey and support it in every way we can.


Whether it is donating, becoming a partner or buying the gear and spreading the brand, make sure you are doing what you can to support this great cause, and help eradicate bullying once and for all from our society.