Blackchrome is excited to introduce William Bird as the newest member of our team. Wil is taking on the role of Cycling Manager as Travis takes on his new position as General Manager. Although Wil has only just started with Blackchrome, he knows the Blackchrome product well as he has been ordering, designing and riding in Blackchrome kit for Cycle FNQ for several years. You might be familiar with the Dark Floral collaboration kit that Blackchrome and Cycle FNQ collaborated on which is available on our web shop or some of his other eye-catching designs share on our Instagram.

Wil has been involved in cycling for over 17 years and brings with him a wealth of knowledge across multiple styles of riding including road, cyclocross and mountain biking. Get to know Wil in the below Q&A session and then give him a shout when you are ready to start planning your next cycling kit.

William Bird - Road Bike

How long have you been cycling and what got you started?
Like many, I have been riding a bicycle for as long as I can remember. However, my formal baptism into the cycling congregation occurred in 2001 when I commenced work in Cairns. Within the office there were a number of cycling fanatics who exorcised my running demons and taught me the two-wheeled way.

How many bikes do you own and what is your main go to bike?
I have various roles within the cycling industry, so the number of bicycles in my garage fluctuates throughout the year. Presently there are five; one mountain bike, one road bike, one gravel bike, and two cyclocross bikes.  No doubt this figure will change again next month. My current “go to” bike is a 2018 Norco Search XR Steel gravel bike; it serves a multitude of purposes, and is so much fun to ride (it’s also the newest bike in the stable).

What bike do you covet?
I am really excited about the predicted updates to the 2019 Norco Revolver FS mountain bike; electronic wireless shifting (?) and suspension tweaks.  I haven’t seen the bike (as it has not been released), but I have heard industry rumours and personally owned and raced the current and previous models of the bike – which are amazing!!!

Do you do all your own maintenance or do you use a local bike shop?
I do a lot of fine-tuning (tinkering) myself.  However, Luke at Bicycle Central On Mulgrave keeps my wheels moving and my bikes rolling in perfect condition.

What do you love about cycling?
The variety of people I meet.  The amazing places I visit.  The experiences and memories I shall never forget.  The freedom of being outside.  The therapy, relaxation, stimulation, challenge and sanity (to name but a few) that riding a bicycle provides.

Who is your favourite cyclist?
Fredrika Ek – a 25yo Swedish “adventurer”.  Why?  Her inspirational adventures have proved that anything is possible on and off the bike.

Will Bird - Fat Bike

What is your craziest/fondest cycling memory?
In 2014 I helped organise a fat-bike tour of Cape York’s western beaches; some 360km of sandy coastline.  A group of us flew up to the Tip of Australia, boarded a private boat and sailed down the Gulf of Carpentaria overnight. In the morning we assembled a fleet of brand new fat-bikes aboard our mothership, then commenced beach-combing our way back up to the tip along deserted beaches. We encountered crocodiles, dingoes, jabirus, mantarays, dolphins, and all manner of sea creatures. Washed-up along the shores we found Indonesian rafts (several being larger than a Toyota Landcruiser), a Papua New Guinean dug-out canoe, and a range of other treasures. We feasted on fresh seafood every night, and may have over-indulged on mudcrabs for lunch on at least one occasion. We played beach cricket, then toasted the sunset with cold drinks and hors d’oeuvre – we were very lucky to have a five star chef on-board who had temporarily escaped her regular gig serving gourmet dishes aboard Norwegian cruise ships.

What’s your favourite post-ride beverage?
Depending on the weather, location, company and how exhausted I feel … either a cold beer or a coffee.

If you could ride anywhere in the world where would it be?
I have long wanted to ride the Tour Divide, a 4400km self-supported event from Banff (Canada) to Antelope Wells (New Mexico, USA).  For something a little shorter, there are many great options to explore in Iceland on and off-road.

What cycling apparel or accessory do you currently have your eye on?
I’m very excited about several new Blackchrome products.  Stay tuned.

If you are ready to start talking about a new  kit get in touch with Wil today for more info.