An AFL program has delighted some lucky school children in South America.

The ‘Fútbol Australiano’ was conducted by Australian Football International (AFI) and took place in Santiago, Chile.

As the official supplier to AFI, Blackchrome is proud to have supplied the gear for this program. It involved introducing the game to a number of private and public schools around Santiago over four weeks.


Children in Santiago play AFL as part of the AFI program.

Santiago kids wearing Blackchrome AFL guernseys.


AFI’s CEO Brian Clarke, who went on the trip, said the kids loved playing something different to soccer. “Fútbol Australia es muy bien,” he said, using Spanish to compliment AFL.

The trip was funded by the Australian Federal Government, and Drew Dainer from the Australian Embassy in Chile was involved in the program. He spoke highly of the children who participated.


“Some of the kids definitely have the skills to be playing in the AFL in the future.”

Iyo Pavlovic from the Estación Central Council in Santiago said they were “very happy” with the program. “The idea is innovative, to have a new sport for our kids. It makes them interested in a healthier lifestyle.”

There will be further trips that will continue to have gear supplied by Blackchrome and be funded by the Australian Federal Government.


AFI CEO Brian Clarke and the AFL tournament winners wearing Blackchrome gear.

Brian Clarke (R) and the Santiago Saints in Blackchrome gear.